Big Brother’s Tilly divides fans with her new look – Hot

Big Brother’s Tilly divides fans with her new look

Tilly Whitfeld left quite the impression when she starred on Big Brother, and fans fell in love with the bubbly blonde who played the game like no else.

It comes after Tilly recently debuted her shorter lob, where she shared a photo of herself with a shoulder-length cut, followed by a video of her brother cutting her hair at home.

“YOLO and obvs I don’t need a hair dresser cause I have brothers and like I’m an adult now cause I have short hair,” she said.

In the clip, Tilly also dyed her own hair at home, and purposely left the black regrowth and explained that it’s because her “brows are so dark” that she looks “ridiculous with full bleached hair”.

Fans quickly flocked to the comments to share their opinions on her new look, with many divided on what she should do next.

“Go chocolate brown !” one user wrote.

“Stay long and blonde!!!!! Like in the house!!!” another suggested.

“Go Bronde @tillywhitfeld brunette with some highlights through it to lighten it up around your face,” Aussie actress Laura Vazquez said.

With her followers clearly divided on whether not she should keep her darker look or resort back to her iconic blonde locks, there’s no telling what Tilly will do next.

Her bright hair certainly matched her sunny personality, and she instantly became a fan favourite on Big Brother.

While she played a strong game in the house, Tilly just missed out on a spot in the final three and a chance at winning – leaving viewers devastated.

But, Tilly’s close-friend Marley Biyendolo took home the win, and there was no denying he certainly deserved it.